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NSIP, MIP, SNIP, VIP explanation

NSIP, MIP, SNIP, VIP explanation
NSIPThe NetScaler IP (NSIP) address is the IP address at which you access the NetScaler for management purposes The NetScaler can have only one NSIP The NSIP is also called the Management IP address You must add this IP address when you configure the NetScaler for the first time If you modify this address, you must reboot the NetScaler You cannot remove an NSIP address For security reasons, NSIP should be a non-routable IP address on your organization's LAN. Configuring the NetScaler IP address is mandatory. With an IPv6 address configured as the NSIP in NetScaler running on release 8.1, when upgrading from release 8.1 to 9.2 the NSIP changes to a SNIP. If you want this IPv6 address as the NSIP, you need to first delete this IPv6 address and then add this IPv6 address as the NSIP.

MIPMapped IP addresses (MIP) are used for server-side connections A MIP can be considered a default Subnet IP (SNIP) address, because MIPs are used when a SNIP is not avai…

Citrix Troubleshooting - Citrix MCFOM Service

This article will go over troubleshooting the error message "Citrix MCFOM Service did not respond as expected." Today while trying to build up a Citrix XenApp 5.0 box, I ran into this error while trying to run discovery from the Access Management Console (AMC). Below is the error I was seeing.

There are four very likely causes for this error message to occur:

The Network COM+ is not enabledThe user is not a member of the "Distributed COM Users group" on the local serverThe user does not have the proper Citrix Farm PermissionsThe user needs to be added to the Citrix IMA COM Interop Roles

Enabling The Network COM+ Role/Service 1. Open up "Server Manager" and expand Roles > Application Server
Click "Add Role Services"

2. Select "COM+ Network Access" Click "Next"

3. Click "Install"

4. Click "Close"

Adding the user to the "Distributed COM Users group" on the local server Open Computer Management and add…

Setup Citrix Universal Print Driver through a Citrix Policy (CTX UPD)

How to Setup a Citrix Universal Print Driver via a Citrix Policy

I get a lot of questions about getting printing working inside of Citrix. Below are screen shots of all the settings I apply to my Citrix XenApp servers via a Citrix Policy. I find that the below will get 98% of your printers within Citrix sessions working. For the 2% of printers that I see that don't work, manually assigning a  printer driver mapping or using the HP Laser Jet 4 print driver corrects the issue. I have never had good luck with PCL6 or post script drivers. I try to stick with either PCL5 or PCL5E.

My Citrix Print Policy

Auto-creationEnabledAuto-create all client printers
Print job routingEnabledAlways connect to indirectly as a client printer

Native printer driver autoEnabledDo not automatically install drivers

Universal driverEnabledUse universal driver only if requested driver is unavailable

Session printersEnabledDo not adjust the user's default printer

After creating the policy you need to apply itRi…

PVS is SEX !!!

Yes, PVS could be compared to sex in the IT world. It really is that great! I love Citrix Provisioning Server, and am an avid promoter of it. I am constantly talking about it, and am working with it. A lot of my discussions are held with other PVS lovers over at the Citrix IRC Channel. Below is a link on more information and how to log into it.

As put best by "RedHelix", one of the other Citrix IRC members, "PVS is SEX". That's where this article stemmed from.

By virtualizing the workload of a datacenter server ‑ operating system, applications and configuration ‑ and streaming the workload on-demand to physical or virtual servers from the network, Provisioning Server reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and improves both manageability and business agility. 

What does this mean? It means that if I have one PVS server and 55 XenApp Servers, I can do an update to one server and have the update pushed out to all 55 XA boxes. This in return means i need less bodies on…