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Where is my NTP Server?

How to find the NTP Server

Time is off on one of my co-workers computers by 2 minutes. Apparently he doesn't know how to read his appointment reminders on his phone or read his watch correctly. Because of this, he is blaming IT for being late to all his meetings. We had him correct the time, but the very next day he was complaining about the same issues with time being off. To correct this, we will be using the "w32tm" command.
By default, in your Microsoft Windows Active Directory Domain environment, the following will take place: The PDC Emulator of the root domain is going to control timeAll other DC's in the root domain will sync time with the PDC Emulator The PDC Emulators in the child domains will sync with the PDC Emulator in the root domainAll users of a domain will sync time with the domain controllers of their respective domainSo lets figure out if our computer is syncing with the domain or with a NTP server. There are two means that I know of to figure out th…