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VMware - VMX Location?

Where the hell is the VMX file for my VM? I'm running ESXi 5.1 and am needing to manually edit my VMX file. When I look at the Hard Drive location under "Edit Settings > Hardware > Hard Disk 1", I see vDisk for my Hard Disk 1 is on the ds_11 Data Store under the DENXA100 folder. But when I browse there, I see nothing but a vmdk file.

 So... Where are my config files you ask. You can find the location of your vmx file and config files by going to "Edit Settings > Options > General Options". On the right pane, you can see it shows the location of my vmx file, and also show the location of my working directory.

So now that I know where my vmx and working directory are, I can correct my issue. My config files are on ds_12, and my Hard Disk is on ds_11. I can remove my Hard Disk, move it to the ds_12 Data Store, and then re-attach it so that all my files are in the same location.

Bazinga !!! VMX Located !!!