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Microsoft - Gpresult ERROR Access Denied

Running GPRESULT results in "Error: Access Denied"

Today on one of my Citrix Servers I was presented with an error when troubleshooting a GPO. I opened up my command prompt with "Run As Administrator", and received "Error: Access Denied".

So what now? You already are logged into the server with domain admin credentials, and opening command prompt as administrator doesn't work. You could disable UAC and see if that works, but chances are you will have to register the userenv.dll file again, and recompiling the scersop.mof file.

Below are the steps to correct the issue:
Register the userenv.dll fileregsvr32 /n /I c:\windows\system32\userenv.dll  Change Directory to the wbem folder (required step, don't be lazy)cd c:\windows\system32\wbemRecompile the scersop.mof mofcomp scersop.mofOptional Repositories you can recompile (Probably don't need to) mofcomp rsop.mofmofcomp rsop.mfl
Force Group Policy Updategpupdate /force

After that, run "gpresult"…

Citrix NSVPX - Load Balancing LDAP Authentication

NetScaler - Load Balancing LDAP AuthenticationYou're setting up a new AGEE on your NetScaler Appliance, and when you go to put in an authentication server, it only allows you to put in one. Why not load balance your ldap requests so that you don't have a single point of failure. 
Things you need, to load balance your ldap requests: 2 load balanced servers2 load balanced services1 load balanced vserver1 authentication policy1 authentication serverSetting up load balanced servers Highlight "Load Balancing" > Servers Click on "Add" at the bottom of the right pane Create a connection to your first domain controllerServer Name: lb_server_demodc100IP: "Create"
Create a connection to your second domain controllerServer Name: lb_server_demodc101IP: "Create" You should now see a green circle, and the word "Enabled" next to your ldap services 

Setting up Load Balanced Services Highlight "Load Balancing" &g…

Citrix PVS - Subnet Affinity

To "Subnet Affinity" and Beyond!

Hmmm.... I'm sure every Citrix Admin at one point has wondered, "What is this so called Subnet Affinity Option I have here?". I am referring to the load balancing algorithm that Citrix Provisioning Services uses on each of your vDisks (If you use it). 

To configure load balancing on a vDisk
Right-click on the vDisk in the Console, click "Properties", then select the Load Balancing... menu option.Select to enable load balancing or to assign a single Provisioning Server to provide this vDisk.
The options you have are not necessarily straight forward and may be overwhelming. The Options you have to choose form are:

Subnet AffinityNoneBest EffortFixedRebalance EnabledTrigger Percent
Use the load balancing algorithm

Provides the option to enable or disable the load balancing algorithm, which selects the server that is least busy to provide this vDisk to target devices. If you decide to pick "Use this server to provide the vDi…