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Citrix XenApp - Automate Discovery

I am in the process of building out a new XenApp environment for a customer, and was thinking... "It would be so nice to automate the 'Configure and run discovery' settings". So how do you accomplish this? I know my service desk would appreciate it!

The answer is a custom "MMC". Below are the steps to accomplish this.

Part 1: Create the custom MMCOpen up a 32bit MMC console (universally will work better and create less stress)On 32 bit OS run "mmc"On 64 bit OS run "mmc /32"

 Click File > Add/Remove Snap-in...

 Select the console you are going to push out to your users and add it to the "Selected snap-ins"(In my case it is going to be AppCenter)

 Right Click on "XenApp"Select "Configure and run discovery"

 Select the "Skip this screen in the future" boxClick Next

 Click on AddFor the server, I am going to pick my two XenApp ControllersDepending on your setup, and where you are publishing this, you wil…